Happy New Year 2020!


I may be a bit late but 2019… where do I start?! My whole career I’ve wanted to do music for an entire show – composing score, or creating all the songs for a musically based show – and this is the year it’s all really happened!

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to continue writing and producing all the songs for Spirit Riding Free, creating music for the Mel Robbins Show, the theme song for She-Ra which is now in it’s 4th season, and have spent the past year and a half writing/producing all of the songs for a new Dreamworks Animated show that comes out in 2020!!!

I’ve had songs featured in shows such as: Dynasty, Young & The Restless, Good Trouble, You, The Hills, Impulse, Charmed, Nancy Drew, Rothy’s Commercial, Teen Mom, Ex On The Beach, Music City, Alternatino, Cold Justice, Love Island…
Other random (but definitely fun and interesting things…) I had the pleasure of singing on Ringo Starr’s album that released in October (I know, random picture – he says he was trying to pick my nose… weird.)
I had a blast on singing on Descendants 3 which came out this year, and my cover of Cruel Summer was the trailer for Cobra Kai Season 2!!

Lastly… my truest success in life, my true loves, for what I am most thankful, and what I live every day for… is my beautiful family. I’m beyond thankful for every minute I get to be with them and for every moment we share. And since we can’t find the time to take decent family photos, this selfie will have to do…

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