Happy 2022!

First… Happy New Year!! Another somewhat odd year for sure. I know I’ve been a bit quiet this year… mainly because I’ve been working my booty off! Here’s a recap…

2021 has basically been my dream come true.
Creatively, I have had the extreme excitement of being the Music Director and Series Songwriter on my first Disney show “Eureka!” which will premier June 2022. With 2 songs per episode, recurring songs, reprises and the theme song, it’s been a whirlwind of songs and I’ve had a blast having the freedom to create these incredibly fun and heartwarming songs. Working on a few other projects I can’t quite mention yet, but.. I’m sure I’ll be annoying you over the next year talking about them.

In addition, my music licensing company Glow Music Group has signed so many talented bands this past year, landing placements I would’ve only dreamed of years ago in Ads, Films, Shows & Trailers. Check out some highlights below! (Some of those have featured songs of mine as well for those of you wondering if I’m still creating and licensing my own music.) ☺️

Of course, what I am most proud of is my beautiful family. My kids are in school and the 4 of us are happy and healthy! That overshadows everything else and I couldn’t be more grateful and more ready for 2022!!!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!

On to 2021!

What a crazy year!!! It literally feels like this year started an hour ago and now here we are… all the way at the end! Despite the craziness of 2020, there have been some definite highlights!

Cobra Kai blew up, and my cover of, “Cruel Summer” which was featured at the end of Season 2 seemed to be a fan favorite (which is always nice…!!) Also, two of my songs are featured on the soundtracks that were just released!! Check out the songs here:
Cruel Summer

A show I was working on for the majority of 2019 called Rhyme Time Town came out THIS YEAR on Netflix! It’s a super cute show, especially if you have littles – or you just like nursery rhymes lol! I had a blast writing and producing all the songs for this series!! And 2 other shows I also write and produce the music for continued to air!!

For some of you who may not know, I started a music licensing company called Glow Music Group about 5 years ago. We rep over 300 bands for Film, TV, etc… I was honored to be featured in Billboard Magazine again this year. To read the article CLICK HERE.

Songs of mine were also featured in: The Sims, Dynasty, a Rothy’s commercial, Woke, Big Sky, Teen Mom, Charmed, Siesta Key, Katy Keene and Nancy Drew…

And I have been keeping ridiculously busy on a project I’m not quite allowed to talk about yet, but I cannot wait to share with you! (I know, sounds so secretive…) but the press release comes out next month and I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops as soon as I can!

Cheers to a fantastic 2021!!

Happy New Year 2020!


I may be a bit late but 2019… where do I start?! My whole career I’ve wanted to do music for an entire show – composing score, or creating all the songs for a musically based show – and this is the year it’s all really happened!

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to continue writing and producing all the songs for Spirit Riding Free, creating music for the Mel Robbins Show, the theme song for She-Ra which is now in it’s 4th season, and have spent the past year and a half writing/producing all of the songs for a new Dreamworks Animated show that comes out in 2020!!!

I’ve had songs featured in shows such as: Dynasty, Young & The Restless, Good Trouble, You, The Hills, Impulse, Charmed, Nancy Drew, Rothy’s Commercial, Teen Mom, Ex On The Beach, Music City, Alternatino, Cold Justice, Love Island…
Other random (but definitely fun and interesting things…) I had the pleasure of singing on Ringo Starr’s album that released in October (I know, random picture – he says he was trying to pick my nose… weird.)
I had a blast on singing on Descendants 3 which came out this year, and my cover of Cruel Summer was the trailer for Cobra Kai Season 2!!

Lastly… my truest success in life, my true loves, for what I am most thankful, and what I live every day for… is my beautiful family. I’m beyond thankful for every minute I get to be with them and for every moment we share. And since we can’t find the time to take decent family photos, this selfie will have to do…

What Do Cobra Kai, Elvis, And Marie Kondo All Have In Common?

I had the BEST time doing this cover of Cruel Summer for the Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer. Check it out HERE

Okay, so this was one of those moments that you never forget… I had a so much fun performing with Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Josh Groban, John Legend, Shawn Mendez and others for NBC’s Elvis Comeback Special. Here are a few pics from that incredible night:

My band LUC’s single GLOW is being featured in a Rothy’s Ad!!! Check it out HERE

Some of you already know I wrote and co-produced the theme song for the new She-Ra Netflix series. There have been some amazing write ups in The Washington Post, Forbes and other publications about this theme that have made me feel all squishy inside. See below!

“You can also add ‘She-Ra’ to the list of Netflix shows with a theme song/opening credits so good it must not be skipped, right up there with ‘Daredevil,’ ‘The Crown’ and ‘Narcos.'” – The Washington Post

“The animation is beautiful and full of bright colors, and the theme song is an 80’s-style power ballad that will have you getting pumped up for each new episode. It’s a perfect Netflix Binge.” – Forbes

“Don’t you dare hit “skip intro” on She-Ra And The Princesses of Power when you marathon the new Netflix series. If you’re really going to recreate the joys of Saturday morning cartoons with this ’80s reboot, jams are required. And jams are definitely provided. The She-Ra And The Princesses of Power theme song is a throwback power ballad that will have you punching the air and pumped up to face the day.” – Bustle

We’ll just file this one under “RANDOM”… I have heard SO much hype about this Marie Kondo – Tidying Up show. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about… and surprise! Look what I found LOL (and yes, I filmed the TV) Check it out HERE

Have you checked out Good Trouble the spinoff of The Fosters yet? Sadly I do not have the theme song this time, but the song Glow from my band LUC was featured in a recent episode! Check it out HERE

2018 Year End Wrap Up

What an AMAZING year this has been!!! So much has happened…
It’s hard to remember it all, but this is what stands out the most! I apologize in advance for the many, many links… but there’s just too much excitement I can’t contain it!
OH, and read till the end to see what the TRUE HIGHLIGHT of the year has been!

Billboard featured me in their magazine back in April – it was something I hadn’t planned on or expected in any way, but absolutely incredible. Here’s a link to the article!

The DreamWorks show, “She-Ra Princesses of Power” came out this year – with the theme song I wrote and co-produced!! So cool to be a part of such a powerfully female-driven show. Here’s a link to the theme:

In addition to doing the theme song, I wrote and recorded quite a few songs for the show, “Spirit Riding Free!”
Here are a couple of my favs that I wrote and co-produced for the show…

I released another solo album called, “Gold and Glitter” as well a few music videos!! Here is a link to the album…
And below are links to a few of the music videos released this year from the album:

Some of you know – and some of you have no idea – but… I am in a band called LUC. In just a few months, we’ve had almost 700,000 streams on Spotify, and have been one of the most requested local bands on KROQ in 2018!!
Please VOTE for us to top the list and have our single GLOW pressed on vinyl, out on record store day 2019 HERE!
Also, check out our music video, “Glow” below:

My music licensing company grew and grew and grew this year… we changed the name to Glow Music Group, added a few new members to the team, signed so many new and crazy talented bands, and landed over 100 placements!! It’s always been such an incredible feeling to land a placement of my own music, and now I get to share that same excitement and experience with the 200+ bands we rep!!

Some of the highlights include songs placed in…
Indy 500, Music City, Impulse, Claws, Jane The Virgin, Blockers, Station 19, Dirty John (Promo), Just Add Magic, Champs VS Stars, Star, Cobra Kai, Teen Mom, Kevin Probably Saves The World, Young & Pregnant, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Speechless, Siesta Key, Victoria’s Secret (Ad), All American, Lucifer, Selling Sunset, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, Runaways, Power, Punisher…

I got to sing with Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead for Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality Event which aired all over the world… as well as Blake Shelton, Shawn Mendez, John Legend, Josh Groban, and Keith Urban for the super exciting Elvis All-Star Tribute airing on NBC Feb 17th!

And, I finally put together a reel of some of my favorite placements earlier this year. Here it is if you want to check it out!!

I won my second ASCAP award for the theme song for The Fosters. It was sad to see it end this year after 5 seasons… but it had a great run!

I think that about sums it up on the music side. Of course, what I am MOST grateful for this year is my beautiful family. My caring, loving and encouraging husband Jonathan, and my 2 children Rylan and Poppy who have every bit of my heart wrapped around their fingers. Since I don’t have one decent photo of all four of us … here we are in two separate photos below.

Here’s to making 2019 the best year EVER!!!!!

Show at The Hotel Café

I’ve been cooped up in the studio working on a few new shows (will have some very exciting news to share soon) and I am now ready to get out and hang with my people!
(at least the ones that live in LA… or want to travel to LA)

Come hang with me at my show on Nov 10th!! I’ll be performing songs from my new album Gold & Glitter, and giving away a signed copy of the album for FREE!!
(until I run out…)

Here’s the info:

The Hotel Cafe – Main Stage
Saturday, Nov. 10th @ 9pm sharp
(for real 9pm, not like “L.A. 9pm” where people show up an hour late)
Preorder your tickets here:

New Music Video: Never Alone

I wanted to share my newest music video for, “Never Alone” with you. Our amazing director and producer (Robert Teegarden and Damien Noble Andrews), as well as the cast (Payton George and Claudine Penedo) and crew beautifully portrayed this very sensitive subject. I hope it speaks to you and I hope you share it with anyone you think needs to hear that they are not alone.

The Fosters

Well… The Fosters is officially over. It’s been an incredible ride and I feel beyond lucky to have been a part of such an amazing show. This show has helped break down barriers, has shown people who have felt unaccepted that they are not alone, has celebrated diversity, and has done it all with the foundation of love.
HERE is my last official performance with the cast of The Fosters.

And … in case you haven’t had enough … Here’s one more clip of me singing the song over at Freeform studios.

If you haven’t checked out my new album Gold & Glitter… here it is!! Please send me an email to info@karikimmel.com and tell me your favorite song on the album. I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!!!

Gold & Glitter Out Now!

MY ALBUM Gold & Glitter IS HERE!!!
SO happy and proud to have this album finally come to life! Please check it out, and if you like it, SHARE!!! And drop me a note of your favorite tracks – would love to hear from you!


So excited to have won an ASCAP award for my theme song for The Fosters! And beyond blessed to have been one of 5 women honored that night!




ICYMI… Check out the music video “High” here!


Music Video “High” Is Out!

Check out the brand new music video for, “HIGH!”

We had so much fun shooting BMX riders Jesse Gregory and Parker Heath in Anaheim, CA. Directed by Joe Rubalcaba, this video truly captures the thrill of riding with the fun and excitement of falling in love.

My album is available for PreSale!! Pre-Order on iTunes and get, “High” and, “Gold & Glitter” immediately!

Also, Keyboard Magazine featured me on the cover of their publication! To read more about the making of Gold & Glitter, check out the article below. 🙂