Happy 2022!

First… Happy New Year!! Another somewhat odd year for sure. I know I’ve been a bit quiet this year… mainly because I’ve been working my booty off! Here’s a recap…

2021 has basically been my dream come true.
Creatively, I have had the extreme excitement of being the Music Director and Series Songwriter on my first Disney show “Eureka!” which will premier June 2022. With 2 songs per episode, recurring songs, reprises and the theme song, it’s been a whirlwind of songs and I’ve had a blast having the freedom to create these incredibly fun and heartwarming songs. Working on a few other projects I can’t quite mention yet, but.. I’m sure I’ll be annoying you over the next year talking about them.

In addition, my music licensing company Glow Music Group has signed so many talented bands this past year, landing placements I would’ve only dreamed of years ago in Ads, Films, Shows & Trailers. Check out some highlights below! (Some of those have featured songs of mine as well for those of you wondering if I’m still creating and licensing my own music.) ☺️

Of course, what I am most proud of is my beautiful family. My kids are in school and the 4 of us are happy and healthy! That overshadows everything else and I couldn’t be more grateful and more ready for 2022!!!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!

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